To All Gods

DPP_1649 copy

The Pantheon is one of the best preserved Ancient Roman building. Originally built for political purposes, it is now a church that also houses the tombs of painter Raphael as well as two Italian kings Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I. The dome of the Pantheon contains an oculus, one of two light sources of the structure. Squares that are evenly sunk along the sides of the dome create dynamic shadows that change with the angle of the sunlight shooting in from the oculus. I wonder what happens when it rains though.


6 thoughts

  1. The Romans had a knack for arches. I visited Istanbul last year and was blown away by the Basilica Cistern under the old city. Tough place to take photos but really magnificent.

  2. Lovely photo! When I entered the Pantheon, I overheard people telling rumors that the rain never enters through the oculus–something about the ingenius architecture. I wondered if it were true, and then it poured like crazy and people popped open their umbrellas inside.

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