Lake Biwa Aqueduct


Built during the Meiji Period (circa 1891), the Lake Biwa aqueduct served as Kyoto’s hydroelectric power generator. It was designed by Sakuro Tanabe, then a 21 year old fresh-faced young graduate engineer. The aqueduct is often credited for the industrialization of Kyoto and also served as a means of transport. Today, it is a tranquil and beautiful tourist spot.

This was a particularly difficult shot to take. It was almost evening, I was shooting into the sun, plus the cherry blossom trees which I wanted cast dark shadows over half of the picture. Correspondingly, it is also one of the pictures I’ve worked on the longest during the post-process stage, as it is a challenge to bring out the colors and details and yet keep it from becoming too surreal.

I’d like to think that I struck a pretty good balance in this version. Maybe I’ll change my mind again.

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