The Mirador de Colom is a monument to honor Christopher Columbus and his famous voyage to the American continents. Erected in 1888, it is situated at the harbor end of La Rambla, where Columbus returned after his first voyage to America. The column of the monument is adorned with four winged Victories which take flight above griffins perched atop Barcelona’s coat of arms. Various statues ring its base. Besides the four statues of Catalans who contributed to the discovery of America, there are also allegorical representations of the kingdoms of Catalonia, Aragon, Leon and Castile.

For a fee, a lift at the basement will ferry visitors up for a panoramic view of La Rambla, Port Vell and Montjuïc. However, be prepared for a moderate to long wait. Both the lift and the viewing platform is tiny, so the number of visitors is tightly controlled.

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