Rooftop Fantasy

DPP_1137 Panorama1
The rooftop is arguably the raison d’être of a visit to La Pedrera. From the witch scarer chimneys (espanta bruixes) to the winding staircases, it is an expansive wonderland that defies all notions of a conventional rooftop, complete with a birds eye view of central Barcelona.

This image is a four by one panoramic stitch.

10 thoughts

  1. What would archaeologists think of our culture if ruins of things like this were the only things they found of our present thousands of years from now? Make a good setting for sci-fi stuff , however. I have enough problem with the monster under my bed, the one in the closet and all the ghosts in my apartment without living in a joint like this. It would put me over the edge.

    • compared to the whimsical rooftop, I found the apartments pretty tame. the archaeologists would probably chalk it up a social experiment gone wrong. that or an excess of weed. 😉

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