Espanta Bruixes


The chimneys on La Pedrera are without doubt the celebrities of Catalan chimneys, instantly recognizable with their facial expressions and ramrod posture. The less charitable critics would likely call them phallic orange cucumbers. Hard to forget that image once it takes root, I must say.


2 thoughts

  1. These look like a pipe organ. I almost expect it to play me a tune… And I can picture their heads bobbing up and down. I’m thinking seriously of turning to Architecture for a change. I believe I have all the landscapes, water falls and forests I can handle; except for the forest full of sun rays, with Christ in the background bidding us all forward.

    • Well they definitely resemble some organ- that’s for sure. Hehe. I have to travel thousands of miles to see this. Would love to have an accessible place to escape into where I live.

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