White Light

The last of my novelty shots on Shanghai’s Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. If anyone is heading there, definitely do not pass up this ride. It isn’t cheap, neither is it sophisticated (in fact, it’s overflowing with kitsch), but steady hands and a camera with a shutter priority mode will get you very interesting pictures.

Also see: [‘Red’], and [‘Electric Dreams’]. The one with green streaks is my favorite of the lot.

6 thoughts

  1. This is a great photo to look at. As an ameteur photographer, I’ve yet to master the shutter priority mode on my camera. Of course, it doesn’t help either that my turn dial messed up. I find it quite amazing the type of art that a skilled photographer can produce with an SLR camera.

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. As I mentioned above, I am an ameteur photographer, so any advice will go a long way. Thanks!


    Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in order to see my progress!


    • thanks for your comments 🙂 don’t be afraid to experiment, digital cameras make it really risk-free. with time, you’ll find what works best for you.

      sure i’ll drop on by.

  2. Inspiring. I recognize the image to be a form of spirit travel (OBE) into the future. Imagine we can travel in the form of a spirit from dream consciousness teleporation in spirit form in the manner a tachyon travels beyond FTL (faster-than-light) phenomenal intergalactic distances. The photograph reminds me of my tunnel dream OBE. The motion of light makes me wonder if this visual experience is the remote viewing technique accessed by Leonardo da Vinci of the 1500’s to see the future?

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