You Light Up My World

They say when you fall in love with a city, it’s almost impossible to nitpick. It must be true, for I love even the lamps in Granada. That’s right. Lamps. These modern beauties line the street of Gran Via, and are designed in such a way that it appears to morph with every step you …

Secret Garden

I seem to be on a soundtrack spin lately, so here’s one from the nineties. You’ve gone a million miles How far’d you get To that place where you can’t remember And you can’t forget She’ll lead you down a path There’ll be tenderness in the air She’ll let you come just far enough So …

Year of the Water Dragon

It may be the year of the dragon, but I didn’t manage to spot any dragon dances or other breath-taking exotic sights. Nevertheless, may the new year bring one and all good health and prosperity. kung hei fatt choy!

Hungry Eyes

A cat lazily eyes its sushi lunch, to my mental soundtrack of the eighties. I’ve been meaning to tell you I’ve got this feelin’ that won’t subside I look at you and I fantasize You’re mine tonight Now I’ve got you in my sights With these hungry eyes One look at you and I can’t …

Garden Walk

Generalife was the summer palace of the Nasrid royalty, and is located just beside the Alhambra in the Andalusian city of Granada. It is a lush complex of greenery and water, and boasts gorgeous views over the Alhambra walls and Granada itself.