Takeshita Dori


Just how much do the Japanese like shopping?

Hint: a lot.

A short while after reaching Takeshita Dori on a weekend, we screamed for mercy and ducked into the nearest restaurant for refuge. That would be Wolfgang Puck Express, ten steps to the right after you enter the shopping street. As you can probably tell, it didn’t take us very long to raise the white flag.

Things were slightly saner after lunch, but then again, maybe fuller stomachs make braver souls.


15 thoughts

  1. I love Japan, it’s a crazy place. A population the size of the UK in a country of a similar size but with so little of the land habitable, it gets congested. A great shot 😉

    • Thanks! I love that place too. If you’re willing to travel away from the major hubs like Tokyo and Osaka, there are plenty of smaller rustic towns to visit. But language then becomes a huge problem for me.

    • After a few trips there, I’ve come to realize that the Japanese are very enterprising when it comes to merchandizing and packaging. I didn’t really shop much at the young and hip places, but sure spent loads of time in their supermarts and trinklet shops.

      • They call it ” the Nostalgic Tram”. It is very special, that’s a nostalgic tram to remember the past. It’s one of this avenu’s symbols. Istanbul is a “must see in a lifetime” destination… amazing. Hoping we will see photos of it in your blog

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