Il Vittoriano


The Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II or “Il Vittoriano” is a monument built to honor Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy. Built of white marble and featuring stairways, Corinthian columns, fountains, a sculpture of Victor Emmanuel and two statues of the goddess Victoria, the monument is considered an eyesore by many locals. Probably due to its large, boxy, dome-less design and overly white facade in a city of mostly earth tones. Nevertheless, as it sits on the eternal Capitoline Hill, it is nevertheless one of the city’s most prominent landmarks.

On its premises burns an eternal flame, lit for an unknown soldier after World War I. The soldier was selected by Maria Bergamas, who represented all Italian mothers who had lost a son in the war.


8 thoughts

    • I understand the typewriter title, not so much the wedding cake. It’s kind of too boxy and straight to be a wedding cake. Honestly, by itself, it’s actually a pretty impressive monument. Sad that it doesn’t go well with the surroundings.

      • All white and heavily decorated… just like a wedding cake! 😉
        but actually “typewriter” is more common even these days.

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