Sunset in the Flyer

When I first visited the Singapore Flyer, I wondered why it wasn’t more centrally located. When the capsule started on the second part of its 30-minute revolution, I realized that its location provided gorgeous views of Marina Bay. Definitely worth the effort for that extra walk. Because each revolution takes 30 minutes, and the Marina Bay view only kicks in for a quarter of the trip, catching a sunset shot aboard the flyer takes commando-like precision. You should probably aim for the 6.45pm capsule. Or you could just wing it (like I did).

The flyer capsule is also constantly moving, so long exposures are not possible. You’ll probably need fast lens and mid to high-ISO to get a decent shutter speed.

7 thoughts

  1. you did so well with this image. I love urban cities like this, as much as I like cities that are very nature-based (e.g. laguna beach in cali!) I agree – the best views are best seem from the city’s outskirts and sometimes the attractions are less populated for this reason. A good thing for us travelers!

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