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The first time it hit me that Sydney was an expensive city, was while I was researching things to do there. The idea of a sunset climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge struck me as wonderfully iconic. What better way to experience a sunset than a carefree romp (that was before I discovered the blue jumpsuits, safety harness and no-camera policy) on one of the most visible landmarks in Australia? It didn’t take me too long to get that little bubble burst. A normal climb costs AUD$200 for one person, while a sunset climb comes at a 25% premium. I was sorely tempted to throw caution/ money to the wind, but settled with snapping pictures from the pylon lookout instead.

34 thoughts

  1. The lines are spectacular. Still in so much happiness about you being freshly pressed for your previous sydney photo! I hope everyone checks out your whole portfolio. So amazing!

    • Thanks! I imagine it will be more majestic, seeing as I can get part of the bridge in as well. But since there’s no bringing cameras up on the bridge, I’ll never know πŸ™‚

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