Mrs MacQuarie’s Ghosts


While setting up some long exposure shots, a couple on their bridal photoshoot wandered into the frame. It reminded me of the news reports I read before my visit to Sydney, that the unseasonal wet weather was making many brides very very nervous. So it was with equal parts bemusement and eye-rolling that I watched them settle into various romantic poses, perched rather precariously atop those rocks. Somewhat surprisingly, the version with the “ghosts” of the couple turned up to be more interesting than the ones without, making me glad that I kept the exposure going.

For those who are interested, this shot was taken at a lookout point at Mrs MacQuarie’s Chair, near the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you plan to stay past sundown, take a note of the Botanic Gardens’ closing hours – you may not be able to exit the same way in. If you are exiting via Mrs MacQuarie’s Road, keep a look out for the flying foxes, which appear in full force around evening. You can hardly miss them.

15 thoughts

  1. This is just a gorgeous photo. You’re making me miss Sydney! I got marrried last year, on 1 May, in Sydney. It was pouring EVERY day and on my wedding day – the sun came out and there was no rain. We had our wedding photos taken under the Harbour Bridge. Thankfully I didn’t need to alter plans for bad weather. It was pretty nerve wracking as I had a long train on my dress!

    • I’m guessing you didn’t pick 1 May for the weather. Heh. I can totally imagine how it feels to have it rain on your photoshoot. The gown, the hairdo, the make up… Shudder.

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