The Sails


The Sydney Opera House is arguably THE landmark of Australia. Designed by Jørn Utzon, it also made the UNESCO World Heritage list in the late 2000s. The facade of the Opera House is commonly described to comprise of shells, each of them a spherical section that together form the roof of the building. What I find amazing about the Opera House are its many different faces. Depending on one’s location and perspective, it can look like a clam, a mermaid, or even the sails of a ship cruising in the open seas. Sensual and bold at the same time, it definitely is one evocative building.

If you’re visiting Sydney, do not pass up the chance to join one of its tours. Not only will it regale you with the history of the Opera House (somewhat bittersweet), it’ll also give you a peek into the different concert halls and theaters.

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