Flights of Fantasy

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The foyer of the Opera Theatre is one of the more dramatic locations within the Sydney Opera House. Wood, steel and glass come together to form a futuristic and yet timeless window to the city. I wonder about the purple carpets though. Very Elton John I thought.

Edit: The theme must have deciphered the name “Elton John” when deciding on the pink background color. My eyes!

10 thoughts

  1. This looks spectacular. I am Australian and I have never seen a better photo of the inside of the Opera House. You’ve given it great scale, and shown its details very well. It looks so much more modern – I can’t wait to get back there. Wide angle as I see 10mm – I will invest in one eventually 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s very hard to imagine this foyer was designed decades ago. I simply love the glass windows and metal beams. Sydney-siders have it good, with much easier access during ticketed events. The one hour tour is too brief!

      As for the 10mm- pretty much follows me wherever I go now. The only consideration is if you are gonna change your camera body in future.

  2. I actually like the pink theme, it accentuates the crossbars on the glass. I’ve been to Sydney about half-a-dozen times now, and can’t resist shooting the opera house each time, it’s so enthralling…Great shot.

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