Queen Victoria’s Arches


Repeating patterns are a photographer’s best friend, and I’m always on the lookout for them. The best photographers can make a statement out of them – I just like how the colors and textures come together.

5 thoughts

  1. I really love QVB and I used to have breakfast there during my holiday in Sydney every now and then! I love how the colours come out in this photo.

      • Actually I haven’t been to the cafe you mention. I used to have breakfast at a small cafè stand in the middle of the ground floor on the right hand side. They had the most delicious muffins!
        But that was quite few years ago (6 o 7! sigh!!) so, it might have changed in the meanwhile. 😉

      • Very posh indeed this Tea Room! Thanks for the hint… I’ll definitely avoid it next time I’ll be Downunder!! 😉

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