The Cult Of Apple


Wandering around the shopping area of Sydney, I stumbled upon my very first Apple store. No, I haven’t been living under a rock. No, I’ve neither been to Mars either. They just don’t have stores where I am, and I’ve never had much reason to seek out one anyway. Not that I’m anti-Apple – I’m still using the Iphone 3GS- it’s just that I’m not one of those die-hard Apple fans. Working in the tech industry, it is quite common to meet people who own every single iteration of Apple’s products, and who regard Steve Jobs’ passing to be the end of The Golden Era for consumer products. The glass facade of an Apple store pretty much sums up this divide – between those who will happily while away an afternoon basking in Apple-dom, and those who are simply indifferent at best.


6 thoughts

  1. I am one of those that could bask in Apple-dom—store also far from me. However, I don’t deify Steve Jobs. I do regard him as genius inventor and business savvy. But the end of a Golden Era? Mmmm…not quite. There are those among us who are at it and in time will become known as well.
    Really like this post and pic.

    • Thanks! And I agree completely. The i-devices did not start out as they were. Doesn’t hurt to be able to command brand loyalty the way it does. Though I wonder if it will ebb without Jobs.

  2. i’m pretty happy with my Macbook (can’t go PC after it) and I’m thinking of switching to an iPhone from my Blackberry which is causing me grief. Apple products have just been reliable in my experience. But I’m not obsessed with them =P

    • My main beef with Apple products are that when they work as designed, they work wonderfully and beautifully. When they don’t however, there’s no way to tweak it until Apple does. Short of jailbreaking.. Drives me nuts sometimes 🙂

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