The Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains is a region in NSW Australia, around 50 km away to the west of Sydney. It is a sprawling region which consists of no less than seven national parks, with Springwood and Katoomba as the two main towns. For visitors in Sydney, the area offers almost countless trails and bush-walks to be had, just 2 hours away from the Sydney Central railway station.

Prospective visitors can visit WildWalks for a long list of trails, while those on a tight schedule should consider the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus. Walks can be planned around their stops.

While the Blue Mountains derive its name from the blue tint that the mountain ranges exhibit when viewed from afar, they don’t look normally this blue. What I’ve done here is to shoot the image using the tungsten white balance, giving it an overall blue cast. Artistic license in other words.


3 thoughts

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