The Lines Amongst Us


Being a through and through city mouse, I seldom get the chance to visit nature reserves and wild beautiful landscapes commonly associated with places like Australia and New Zealand. On my Katoomba trip, I realized how difficult it is to capture evocative landscape images, when there are no strong central subjects like mountains, a body of water, animals and the like. The best landscape photographers are able to pick out lines, curves, patterns as well as features that break those relationships, to give a photo that all important oomph.

Some great landscape photographers, a mix of both conventional and modern, to check out:

John Shaw – URL
Bill Atkinson – URL
Alex MacLean – URL
Vincent Lafloret – URL

MacLean and Lafloret are aerial photographers. Aerial landscapes are a joy for the eyes, but ostensibly murder for the wallet. Unless you are, you know, famous and all.

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