An Anthology: The Journey So Far


I’ve been toying with the idea of a “post of posts” for a pretty long time (since the beginning of 2012), but didn’t get around to doing it simply because:

a) I’m lazy
b) This WordPress theme is pretty much a single feature image theme
c) I’m lazy

With three hundred posts come and gone, I figured this was as good a time as any. So here goes, in no particular order (see points a. and c.)…

Posts I’ve Enjoyed

– [All you need is a sharp knife], Carl D’Agostino
– [Shades of Blue], The Stentorian Image
– [Remembrance and Respect], Seasweetie’s Pages
– [Love letters from me], Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…
– [Florence Kiss], Bridget Ehemann
– [Kaleidoscopic Kalifornia], Marina Chetner
– [A Picture Postcard From Out West], Stories from Home
– [Backyard], Cornwall
– [Pastoral], Rudolf Vlček Photography
– [Quadrantid Meteor Shower 2012], Jeff Berkes Blog

My Best Posts

Sunset in the Flyer
Sunset at the Marina Barrage
2012 in Singapore
Oceanus, Abundance and Salubrity
Heart of the City
Madrid, Madrid
Shining Glory
Sol y Cielo
Sakura by the Teahouse
Sydney CBD Skyline
Three Peaks
A New Day
Leura Cascades

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