iPhone Week: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

One cardinal rule of shooting on a fixed-length phone camera is to never, ever zoom. These zooms are digital zooms – the software performs interpolation to expand the image, always at the expense of image quality and details. What we want instead, is optical zoom. With phone cameras, you’d have better luck taking an unzoomed image, then cropping it on a PC to compensate for the lack of zoom. The results may not be good, but at least you still have that original image!

Shown in this image is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Tanjong Pagar, no guesses for why it’s named that way. I’ve applied a tilt-shift effect using SnapSeed, partly to cover up the noise in most of the photo, and also to put emphasis on the temple and the surrounding red rooftops in Tanjong Pagar.


3 thoughts

  1. Love this. The effect of tilt/shift-photography is really coming to it’s use here! Do you use a tilt/shift lens or shoot the photo’s with selective focusing, and edit them for a more powerful effect later?
    Anyway, great blog you’ve got your self here! Just followed you, and I’m looking forward to follow up on your posting! Pop by my site as well, even tough it’s pretty fresh and without much content. Yet.

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