Jewels of Distant Light


Perched on top of the Marina Bay Sands observatory deck, the lights of the gardens and ships at sea appear like twinkling jewels against a sapphire sky. We arrived too late to catch the sunset, but managed to get a good bit of the blue hour.

During times like this, I sorely feel the limitations of my otherwise-trusty 450D. In low-light situations, my camera struggles to catch up with the scene. Where tripods and sand bags are not allowed or feasible, I usually have to cram myself into any crevice or nook to steady the camera for that precious fraction of a second more. Results are pretty hit and miss- the edges of this image for example, are clearly soft, though I secretly hope most eyes won’t wander there.

While upgrading to the new Canon 6D is very tempting, it also costs serious money, and means a shake-up in my lens line-up, especially my much beloved 10-22mm. Something I will need to ponder over in 2013.

For more pictures of Gardens by the Bay, click here.

And if you are in the country and would like to visit the observation deck, aka the Skypark, mosey over here. As always, best times to visit are between 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Tripods not allowed. Plan for at least 20 mins to purchase the tickets and arrive at the Skypark, from anywhere within the Marina Bay Sands area.


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