Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination/ Glitter


With Alexandria’s timely reminder of this week’s photo challenge, I realized that my camera roll has tons of images that fit the bill. I’m cheating a bit here (okay a lot), since most of them are not shot this week, but illumination is too great a theme to pass up, and this blog theme doesn’t do multiple images well. So multiple-posts it shall be!

One of my pet “props” in photography are reflections, whether by glass, still water or metallic surfaces. I love the symmetry of things, the duality of subjects, and in this case, the ridiculous amount of bloom with a wide open f1.4 lens.

4 thoughts

  1. This is just phenomenal! Beautiful. Your photography is truly some of my favorites. I’m busily working on mine, too. I don’t think the photo necessarily needs to be taken that week. They don’t want you to reblog a previous post. This one will go on mine as a recommendation. Great job! And thanks for all the visits this weekend. Keep up the great work!

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