Light Up, Light Up – II


After the nightly light show, nature puts up a show of her own the next morning. Starting with a rosy blush to the east, the inky darkness is suddenly imbued with luminant blue and orange hues. No prizes as to which I prefer!

One particularly hazardous side effect of having photography as a hobby is the urge to wake up at ungodly hours (i.e., anytime before 6am) so that you can haul your gear to a vantage spot to catch a sunrise. I’ve done this a few times, and most times, I usually start to whimper and drink unhealthy amounts of coffee by 9am.

8 thoughts

  1. It’s certainly worth the effort for those of us who get to enjoy sights as breathtaking as this. Wow again!
    Advice needed: you use the Canon EOS 450D. Any recommendations on cameras? I use my son’s Nikon D60 and it takes great pics. I have to do very little enhancing with it. It takes pretty true to sight. But I’d like my own camera. Looking at Canon vs Nikon. Advice appreciated. I am very much amateur.
    Thanks for taking time to advise.

    • Yeeeah I still have to psyche myself to get up any morning I decide to do this. Heh.

      For cameras, both Nikon and Canon have their fans. Frankly, I say go with whichever you are more comfortable with, which would be the Nikon in your case. If you decide to expand your lens collection in future, you could share them with your son, which is a pretty good deal. I would say the more major decision is whether to go full-frame or crop (like the D60). Whichever option you go, invest in a tripod! They are a photographer’s best friend πŸ™‚

      Here’s a short write up!

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