Meet Manta Birostris

Manta Birostris, or the Giant oceanic manta ray, is a vulnerable species of ray, and also the largest in the world. They can grow over 20 feet, and weigh up to two tonnes, pretty amazing if you see how they twirl and dance in the sea. Shoals of fish accompanied this particular specimen, probably tagging …

The Open Ocean

I recently visited the Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa. This is the second time I’ve ever visited an aquarium, the first being Ocean Park in Hong Kong. What an experience it was! This “oceanarium” has a couple of exhibits, key among which is the Open Ocean, the largest aquarium in the world with …

By The Sea

An idyllic waterfront promenade in Venice curves gracefully. This area is prime tourism property, so traffic – both the pedestrian and seafaring variety – is high.

A Horological Centrepiece

St Mark’s Clock is an astronomical clock housed on Piazza San Marco. I’m not sure how to interpret anything from the clock, but it sure looks pretty. In Moonraker, James Bond disposed of a villain through this clock. Nothing so exciting happened when I was there.