Into The Blue


I imagine it is hard to visit an aquarium and not feel a twinge of guilt. I ooh and aah like anyone else when a majestic ray swims past me in the large viewing panel. It is after all, quite a sight to behold. But large as the aquarium is (and make no mistake – it is huge), I can’t help but wonder if these creatures feel bewildered, to have swam for ages and yet still remain stationary, bounded by invisible walls. To be surrounded by the somewhat familiar trappings of home, and yet to find it utterly foreign.

Humans have a propensity for greed, to exploit the weak and defenseless to turn a profit. At the same time, we also have the capability to marvel and to empathize. I want to (need to?) believe that showcases like this, properly managed, will inspire a whole new generation into protecting the sea and wildlife in general.

11 thoughts

  1. So true. I love seeing wildlife, yet through force of circumstances they are almost always locked in captivity. Great, noble, but imprisoned whether they know it or not. We humans are full of contradictions. Yet not without hearts.

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