We Are In Love


Found outside Chiesa dei Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio, near the Trevi Fountain. Love struck couples write their names on the locks, attack them onto the gate and chuck the key away, presumably into the fountain. Last I heard, church authorities were not amused and were actively trying to initiate a lock-down (ahem) on this practice, which presumably costs them a minor fortune in removal fees. I’m not sure if they have thrown their hands up in the air yet, or if the love-struck couples have found a different place on which to latch their tokens of affection.

If it were me, I’d want my significant other to trawl the nearby fountain for money, as a sign of her affection. Heh.


16 thoughts

  1. Another favourite place for this practice is Ponte Milvio. Actually I think it is where it all started back in 2007 after the characters of a book by the Italian novelist Federico Moccia, and apparantly it has spread over to Spain and France too.

    • I read about that bridge but only when I returned. Wonder how they got from the bridge to this church and Trevi Fountain. But I seem to remember some locks in Venice as well!

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