Lady in Pink

In my travels to Europe, one thing I’ve come to notice is how easy it is for people to simply find a spot, sit down, lose themselves in a book or in that simple moment. Parks, cafes, staircases, benches – you name it and there’s probably someone sitting on it. This fascinates me no end, mainly because it’s not all that common where I come from. Even on my travels I have places to be and sights to see, preferably arranged in a timetable. If I had to sit down and just relax, it will probably be penciled somewhere down as a twenty-minute activity in a  location carefully curated for a combination of factors. And so I envy this ability- this insouciance that allows one to sit down and just be content. What about you? Do you have a habit of lounging happily at a random location?



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  1. Yes, I do. I am blessed with two beautiful porches, front and back. But I usually gravitate toward the front porch where there is a nice view of the flower and shrub beds. I confess, though, that it is usually a good book on my iPad rather than a hard-bound. 🙂

  2. I use a “gravity Chair” out front… It’s very comfortable, good lighting for reading or just soaking up the vitamin D… Elsewise, I’m more like you. I pretty much design my schedule and stick to it.

  3. Life’s a little slower, perhaps, in the new… but not really so new… version of ‘the old South’. That would be Birmingham AL. I’ve been here 30+ years now and have found myself gradually more able to just plunk down on what offers a seat and rest awhile. Until your post I never really thought about how similar the commonness of that in the South is to experiences of Paris. Kind thanks for the reminder and the memories of time in Paris. Oh, coffee shops and gardens are the place for me… whatever the city. BTW, just found your blog as a result of your photography piece for the Daily Post. Very nice!

    • Hey there. Over 30 years and you’ve only just manage to do it gradually. Heh. No hope for folks like me then… I’ve never been to Paris, but if Spain and Italy is any indication, people would be not very different. More well-heeled perhaps. Gardens and coffee shops- same here, but only on vacations. Thanks for dropping a note!

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