One Small Step/ Life on the Moon

Today’s photo is something moon-y, in remembrance of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. Today, I’m also trying out special headers to commemorate certain events, kind of like what Google does with their doodles. I’m not a graphic designer, so hopefully these don’t turn up amateurish!

For some tips on how to take pictures of the moon, click here!

Here in this crowd I’m feeling all alone
Turn me around and point me back to home
I’m getting lost more every day and I can’t tear myself away
From the stars in my eyes with no light

Life on the moon couldn’t be any stranger
Life on the moon wouldn’t feel as far away
The life that I knew it’s through and I’m gonna need you more than ever
I’m alone in this crowded room, it’s like life on the moon
– David Cook, Life of the Moon


11 thoughts

      • I will have to compliment you. You put everything in understandable terms. I look forward to reading it. The moon totally captivates me and if I can get one decent moon shot I will be happy.

      • On your camera, things will look comical because the moon is going to be just a tiny spot. Definitely requires post processing to crop away most of the image! Hope it works out for you.

      • Ok,so I went out last night and gave it a try! Didn’t have a chance to read your article until this morning. If the sky stays clear, I’m going to try again tonight and add a few more of your suggestions. I used a 200mm telephoto. I’m going to post the photo on Twitter when I get a chance to sit down and upload to the computer. Looking on the camera monitor, it’s not too bad for a first attempt. Your instructions are so easy to follow. Thank you!

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