Look Who’s 48?


This tiny island state I call home is 48 today. A year older, but hopefully, a lifetime wiser. Happy Birthday, Singapore!


23 thoughts

  1. Happy birthday to your country! My roommate that I had in college is half Singaporean..this image is stunning, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it when I send it to her 🙂 I hope I get to visit one day!

    • Since you already have a Singaporean friend, I’m sure it’ll be easy to make the trip one day. Combine it with Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc and you’ve got a 3 weeks backpacking trip 🙂

    • I think it’s quite safe to say we won’t be here without him. It’s a pity that the modern political climate is much more hostile now, to the extent that he is vilified in many quarters. Pretty similar to Thatcher in the UK I would say. Makes me quite sad.

      • agree. there’s lots of old interviews with him on youtube. I spent an evening watching them two years ago. his courage and intelligence and his vison puts him on a completely different level to any of his critics.

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