Capture the Color

So, I heard of the Capture the Color competition via Jeff. Essentially, it is an online invitation to post a photo representing each of five colors: yellow, red, green, white and blue. This is much tougher than it sounds, and I had a very hard time selecting photos that match the theme/ spirit of each color. I’m still not convinced I’ve gotten any of them right, but here they are anyway.


Oceanus, Abundance and Salubrity

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world. Made famous by the film Three Coins in the Fountain, it attracts hordes of visitors with their flying euros, all in the name of eternal love. Oceanus (or Neptune), the Roman water god, stands in the center while Abundance and Salubrity flank his sides. Together with two tritons struggling to contain the horses, these stone deities silently survey the ebb and flow of humanity, day and night.

DPP_1653 copy

Oceanus, Abundance and Salubrity



Evening at the Supertrees

A glorious sunset at the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. The 100-hectare garden can be found in the bustling CBD area of the city state, and aims to transform the garden city into “City in a Garden”. The supertree structures, at up to 150 ft tall, are meant to mimic real trees and their functions. Some of them convert solar energy, while others have venting and irrigation capabilities. These structures also double as vertical gardens for ferns, orchids and bromeliads. A long walkway links these trees, and visitors can take a slow stroll while taking in the glorious view.


Evening at the Supertrees



Bridal Veil Falls

While my wife and I were planning for our Blue Mountains trip in Australia, we picked out several promising trails from WildWalks, and eventually settled on the Echo Point to Leura Cascades walk. The idea was to start off at the Three Sisters formation in Katoomba, take a leisurely walk (3 klicks? no sweat), and end up in Leura, where we would catch the train back into Sydney for a nice dinner. Being true blue urbanites, we hadn’t counted on rain, mud, uneven terrain, insects, and the possibility that there would be no transport at the end of said trail. Needless to say, it was one educational walk (I learnt how much my wife disliked mud). One of the highlights of this particular trail was the Bridal Veil View Lookout Point, where you can view Bridal Veil Falls from a vantage point. Definitely not a view you could have enjoyed from beside the falls itself.


Bridal Veil Falls



New Beginnings

A Japanese bride resplendent in her all-white kimono and Tsunokakushi (wedding headgear), preparing for her traditional Shinto wedding ceremony. The headwear symbolizes the bride’s promise to overcome jealousy and selfishness. A beatific smile completes her outfit.


New Beginnings



The Open Ocean

Calmness, introspection, discovery – blue invokes these in me. So for this category I’ve selected this photo, taken at the SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Singapore. Dubbed the Open Ocean, this oceanarium is currently the world’s largest, hosting over 800 species of marine life. I’m ambivalent about aquariums in general, but would like to believe that they instill a sense of wonder and activism in a generation which would never have reason to learn about wildlife otherwise.


The Open Ocean

Now, as part of the contest, I’m supposed to nominate five fellow photographers/ bloggers to also take part. At the risk of being pelted with stones and banished into Internet hell, I’ve selected five photographers whose work I love. I travel vicariously though your photos, and think all of you should be rich and famous. A shout out also to Jeff, for linking me in to this competition.

Adrian/ Cornwall Photographic

Ron/ El bueno, el feo y el malo

Rebecca/ Rebecca Latson Photography

John/ The Stentorian Image

Dina/ The World according to Dina

4 thoughts

  1. totalmente affascinata da tanta bellezza!
    mi piacerebbe sapere come hai fatto a dare alla Fontana di Trevi quel magico colore oro, infatti i suoi marmi hanno i bianco-sporco dell’antico
    ancora complimenti

    helt fascinert av slik skjønnhet!
    Jeg vil gjerne vite hvordan du gi Trevi-Fontenen som Farge magi, faktisk peccato Marmor har det gamle Skitt-hvitt
    igjen Gratulerer

    • Um. non comprende italiano!! Hehe. Google translate didn’t do very well with this. Trevi fountain- I didn’t have to do anything much actually, I recall the lighting was very warm to start with!

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