Portraits of My Wife: Green Leaves

One of the things about having a baby, is that he/ she will Wreak Havoc on your travel plans. In our case, we’ve swapped France for harried day trips to the supermarket and baby store. With no imminent overseas trip, I find myself going back to my archives, as well as venturing into areas where I’ve never previously attempted. This particular series was created over a weekend of tinkering with the double exposure capability of my camera, and coaxing my camera-shy wife into posing and smiling for me. Fortunately, I live in an area where greenery is not extinct, so there was plenty of opportunity to work in the leaves into the portraits.

Click here for an excellent tutorial on how to do this. Double exposure portraits are easy to experiment with, but extremely hard to do well. You’ve got to have portraits with a right mix of under and over-exposure, as the dark areas will allow the other scene to appear. Looking for the right subject to overlay your portrait is then another challenge. The good thing is that you can keep the portraits in your memory card for when you stumble across a great scene.


8 thoughts

  1. Uma das coisas preciosas nas crianças é que podemos viajar pelas nossas eternidades neste universo criado pelo grande ARQUITETO aonde ele quer sempre que vivamos feliz em seus principio .

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