Toledo Cathedral, Part Two

As magnificent as its exterior is, the Toledo Cathedral’s ace up it’s sleeve is its host of art and treasures. Chief among these is El Transparente, a multi-storey tall baroque altarpiece decked out with  figures done in stucco, painting, bronze castings, and marble. A strategically positioned skylight dramatically illuminates this work of art. 20 other chapels sit inside this cathedral, each with their own treasures. Be sure also to see the 500lb, ten ft tall monstrance, reputedly (allegedly?) made from gold. Also of note is the enormous retable of the cathedral, which depict the life and passion of Christ.



16 thoughts

  1. I do not know if you had the chance to compare the sumptuousness of a Roman catholic church to soberness of a Protestant or Anglican church. Both beautiful place to visit, same God but two totally architectural approaches.

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