Meal with a view

One of the highlights of a trip to Maokong in Taipei is to experience a local tea drinking session with the basin of the Taipei at your feet. We were not big on tea drinking, so we opted for a meal instead at this ramshackle eatery unceremoniously and precariously perched along the narrow winding roads of the mountain. The one we picked was called Ayishi restaurant, and sits on the lower level of the pre-war looking building you see in the first image. Fortunately, the interior was spacious, modern and clean, and the set meal we randomly ordered was most excellent. I was especially enamored of their jasmine tea infused fried rice, as well as their tea chicken broth. With the mountain breeze as our constant companion, it was a meal to remember indeed.


5 thoughts

  1. This looks absolutely delicious! Delightful photos and such a spectacular view. By the way, I have heard of that tea house that many painstakingly hike to get to. The tea must be out of this world since it seems like an “out of this world” place to get to! 🙂

    • I’m afraid I cheated – took the gondola up and it was a brief stroll away 🙂 It is a pretty long journey from downtown Taipei however (~1.5 hrs?), which may explain the rock bottom prices despite the gourmet quality food…

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