The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

Nestled somewhere in a cold and remote office somewhere, I imagine a group of marketing folks huddling together to brainstorm a name for this tiny strip of land in Sentosa. A tiny lightbulb suddenly flashes. Aha! Someone must’ve thought. Let us build a suspension bridge to this tiny islet, so that it is connected to Sentosa island, which is connected to Singapore island, which is connected to Malaysia, which is linked to Continental Asia. Tadaaah.. Southernmost point!


In reality, this tiny bit of land holds two viewing platforms, from where you can get practically the same view as on the beach. And to add further insult to injury, it is not even the most southernmost anything of Sentosa! Tsk tsk, marketing guys, tsk tsk. But at least I had a great sunny shot.


Umm what?


7 thoughts

  1. But still, it’s fun to cross that small bridge and have the feeling of being on the most southern point of continental Asia (although everybody knows it’s not true). In fact, it’s one of the cutest places on the island of ‘fun’ and commerce. Ooooo, I miss Singapore 😦

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