The Dame in Red

Opened in the late 1930s, the Golden Gate Bridge is the de facto icon of San Francisco. From gracing millions of tourism brochures to getting flung around the air by a magnetism-manipulating murderous mutant in a Hollywood blockbuster, this grand dame always manages to look majestic and photogenic. Sporting prominent Art Deco features, the bridge is at once dramatic and elegant, while managing to be one of the world’s longest suspension bridge. There is nothing more effective than its fire engine red beams, lamp posts and suspension cables to announce that you’ve arrived in Fog City.

There are multiple vantage points to view the Golden Gate Bridge. During my research, I relied on the sites of Thomas Hawk and Patrick Smith to pick a spot which I knew I could conquer easily in a single Sunday morning, before attending the conference in Moscone Center. I decided on Fort Point finally, due to proximity and accessibility. In reality, Fort Point turned out to be easy to get to (cab), but a pain to return from! Being new to the states, I had a misguided vision that yellow cabs would be flocking to my raised finger tip. Instead, people had their own cars and were mostly jogging or biking around the area. Looking for cabs became an exercise similar to hunting Nessie in Egypt. Fortunately, the long hike back into the city turned out to be a great walk, although I did look very silly in my formal office attire, on a Sunday morning no less.

More on my walk later. For now, I leave you with one of my favorite shots of the bridge.


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    • I started off with a 400D! Amazing camera. I’ve moved on to the 6D now. But I also have a much smaller Fuji which is handier when the going gets heavy. The thing about DSLR is that lenses make a difference, assuming you’ve got the basics and framing right.

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