Coast Road

One of the best part about the Fort Point lookout is the coast road that leads to it, or in my case, away from it. Waves upon waves lapping, crashing against the rocks, scenting the air with the salty tang of the sea. With the sun on your face, the Golden Gate Bridge at your back, and the San Francisco skyline beckoning over the horizon, Marine Drive is one gorgeous walk to remember. On the flip side, one look at this, and you just know that there are no cabs to be hailed. Stranded five miles away from where I needed to be, this was also when I started thinking uh-oh, I may have made a terrible (but beautiful) mistake


9 thoughts

    • Thanks! This was early morning – tennish I would say?
      Aperture priority at f11, ISO 100, 1/320 sec.
      As I didn’t have my ND filters or a tripod with me to shoot a long exposure, I went for a quick one to “freeze” the water instead. I just had to frame the gorgeous scene.

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