Skylight, Westfield SF

A gorgeous skylight in a shopping mall in downtown San Francisco. Photo taken using my iPhone 6, because I was too lazy to reach for the huge one.

On an related note, Apple has been publicizing a photo gallery of images taken by the iPhone 6. If nothing else, it is an excellent example of how skillful composition can overcome limited hardware. Much as I adore my Canon 6D and myriad of lenses, it’s not always with me unlike my phone. Being able to compose shots like those in the gallery using a tiny phone can turn out very rewarding!



8 thoughts

  1. I’ve just got an iPhone 5 ( ok it’s not a 6 but better than what I had before!). I’ll try this with my phone next time I’m out and about, always ignore it in favour of my SLR, but your photos show that’s not always the right option. Great pictures!

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