Towers of Prosperity

The Jin Mao Tower and partially-blocked Shanghai Tower, framed by the not-so-gleaming parts of the city. When I was there, I found the juxtaposition of the old and new startling. A reminder that in many ways, the cities we live in are always in a constant tug-of-war between tradition and modernization.


2 thoughts

  1. What a truly unique photo. I agree that cities are always in a tug-of-war. Perhaps that is a reflection of the residents’ desire to embrace progress without having to let go of the positive aspects of the past. Thanks for sharing!

    • The divide between new and old was very very stark in Shanghai, probably not surprising given China’s growth rate. I get the sense it’s more of the politburo trying to elevate the city into first world status, even if they have to drag everybody kicking and screaming 🙂

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