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  1. I really appreciate that you photographed this beautiful remembrance place. No, we can’t forget the sacrifices of men and women around the world for the freedom we now enjoy. My husband and I just went back to New York and went through the 9-11 Memorial which was so heart-breaking. We stood on the top of the World Trade Center building on our wedding anniversary just a few days before the plane hit that tower. It was horrifying to think someone may have been looking over the beauty of the city on the morning of 9-11 just as we had been. If you are in N.Y, the memorial is a must-see for we can’t forget the 3,000 + people who died there by terrible acts of terrorism. Don’t forget to go into the church next to the One World Trade Center because it stood just next door to the towers when they fell…not one stained glass window or the steeple on the top of the church was damaged. Their cemetery dates back to the 1700’s. Blessings in your work. Nancy at Boyer Writes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_September_11_Memorial_%26_Museum
    and the St. Paul’s Chapel Trinity Church that survived http://soulfulabode.com/2013/09/11/the-little-church-that-survived/

    • I’m always awed when I visit such places of remembrance. The air always seem a bit more still, a bit more solemn, at the memories of days and sacrifices past. Having never never experienced such horrifying events myself, the mere act of being at these places remind me that I should never take the better side of human nature for granted, or to remember that we rest in the shade of the trees those who went before us planted.

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