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The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a region in NSW Australia, around 50 km away to the west of Sydney. It is a sprawling region which consists of no less than seven national parks, with Springwood and Katoomba as the two main towns. For visitors in Sydney, the area offers almost countless trails and bush-walks to be …


The worst part of traveling for me is always flying. The cramped cattle class seats, miniature toilets, the air pressure that builds up in my ears- ugh. To get to Europe and the US takes a 12 to 18-hours flight from where I am. That’s unbearable to the point where I start twitching involuntarily. Just …

One Summer’s Day

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away will know this brilliant score by Joe Hisaishi. It plays in my head every time I’m on a road trip and the vibrant blues and greens inundate my senses.