The gracefully unfurling petals of a golden chrysanthemum drew my eyes. I haven’t shot flowers in a long time, this definitely makes me itch to visit the florist!

Pretty In Pink

This blog turns pink today to commemorate the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To all ladies, men with ladies in their lives, men who wish to be ladies (I jest), this is a good time to be reminded of the symptoms, risks, detection and prevention tips for breast cancer. For more information, visit Cancer.org.

Gontran Cherrier’s Croissants

Mr. Gontran Cherrier’s croissants are a treat for the senses even before you devour them. Its many golden brown layers rise and fold in sensual, intricate swirls, almost like modern architecture. The buttery scent greets you next- warm, comforting, reminiscent of rainy days, plushy sofas, and a steaming cup of café au lait. When you …