The Philosopher’s Walk


Tetsugaku-no-michi, or the Path of Philosophy, is a pedestrian path in Kyoto that bursts into cherry blossoms every Spring. This path, though not very long, cuts through many major temples and shrines in Kyoto, and can be exceptionally breath-taking when cherry blossoms petals rain gently around you. I find it easier to start at Ginkaku-ji and end at Nanzen-ji, from where you can wander back into the central area.

6 thoughts

  1. I must say that the Philosopher’s walk has a total different feeling with the sakura in full bloom! I walked the path in August and it was completely different. I also started at Ginkaku-ji but never reached Nanzen-ji and went off the track in the middle… well, very philosophical indeed. 😉

    • Yeah it is ridiculously easy to get side tracked, with the warren of alleys and shops along the way. I think we only made it because we didn’t know of any other way to get back to our hotel, except from the area near Nanzen-ji. Heh.

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