Peace and Serenity

I’ve always wanted to catch a sunset in Singapore away from the urban areas. I love the city with its modern architecture and gleaming skyscrapers, but there’s also something to be said about having the water at your feet and a boundless sky over your head. So when the opportunity presented itself for my wife and I to make an evening excursion, it was with much eagerness that I drove down to Lower Pierce Reservoir. It may not be the most natural setting (heck – it’s a reservoir), but we take what we can.

When the sun finally started to drop, the landscape took on hues of vermillion, azure and amber, with the universe seemingly reflected in the mirror surface of a still calm man-made lake.

Times like these remind me that I should take the time to slow down more often- go on evening excursions, kick at water at my feet, lift my head up and wonder at a boundless sky.

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