Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is a gigantic 42-storey observation wheel located in Marina Bay. Standing at 540 ft, it is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world (The London Eye is around 440 ft tall). It is somewhat off-center in Marina Bay, which explains why it is seldom included in photos of the Singapore skyline. However, being slightly away from the action also has its advantages – it provides sweeping views over the Marina Bay area.

Each capsule in the Singapore Flyer takes 28 passengers, and each rotation takes roughly 30 minutes. To get here, drop off at the Promenade MRT station, and take a short 10 minutes stroll. Best times to visit are 6.30pm – 7.45pm, when daylight is just fading away.


14 thoughts

  1. I absolutely love your photography. I live in Sydney, used to live in Singapore, and have seen a lot of your subjects first hand. Such stunning shots. You’ve got a great eye. Keep on doing THAT !!

  2. Hi Wenjie Zhang,
    I really like your shot and would like to ask something: Could I use your photograph on the front page for an educational german book?

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